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5th Sunday Offering - Today

Our special Mission’s Offering this quarter will go for 3 projects.

1. Trinity Christian Academy.

TCA is a Non-Denominational, Certified Non-Profit Corporation and a member of the Association of Christian Schools International. TCA has some of the best certified teachers in Southwest Oklahoma. TCA was established in 2000 and accepts students from K3 to 8th grade.

2. Pastor Greg’s trip to the Ukraine Sept. 23-Oct. 4th.

International Baptist Bible College of Ukraine has trained pastors and other ministry and lay ministry leaders since 2006. The college is located in seven different cities throughout the country. Over 1400 students have taken courses and 10 new churches have been planted by our graduates. As the chancellor of IBBC I will be teaching pastoral counseling courses this September and developing strategy and future plans for outreach to Russia, Poland and other Eastern European countries. During the days of the USSR pastors were not allowed to train or attend Bible College. Since the fall of the USSR in 1990 the need for training ministry leaders is critical. The IBBC is the largest training institution in Eastern Europe and is pivotal in getting the gospel to millions of people.

3. Our missionaries, Gary and Donna Ferch who will be with us July 27-28 with a Bolivian Pastor Enoel.

TRANSFORMED THROUGH RADIO: Duri’s story demonstrates the critical impact that Ken’s efforts and your giving have made in her remote village. In her one-room, thatched house with dirt floors along the Amazon River in Bolivia, Duri doesn’t have many material possessions. Since her husband’s death, Duri struggles to provide for herself and her three daughters (Leidy, Martitza, and Carmen Rosa). She was so thankful when FIA volunteers offered her a Galcom radio. Duri was thrilled to be able to access the complete Bible in Portuguese and Spanish, as well as Inspiracion radio station on her new radio! Day after day, Duri encouraged and intrigued by what she heard. The songs and teachings were uplifting and brought her hope. She learned that God cared for her and wanted a relationship with her. She also learned about Jesus, the importance of His death and resurrection, as well as how He was the Only Way to a relationship with Christ and shared the broadcasts with her children. In time, her entire family trusted in Christ and have been baptized! YOUR IMPACT: With over 200 different unreached people groups in the region, the radio is an invaluable tool to share the Gospel. Partnering with national Paster Saul Peralta and Julio Andia the content of each broadcast is culturally and spiritually-relevant to remote people in the Amazon.

Later Event: July 7
Monthly Friendship Dinner